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Our Program

Family Daycare

We are a New York State Licensed Child Care provider operating in a family home setting. We provide the highest quality childcare at an affordable price.

Flexible Scheduling

Full Day or Half Day Care. Full Week or Partial Week. School drop off and pick up. Only pay for the time your child attends. No sick day charges. 

Before & After School Care

Academic support, outdoor activities, playtime, exercise, arts & crafts, all in our safe and caring environment.

Leadership Team

Marie Martone

Marie is the Owner/Director of Floral Park Childcare.  Marie holds a degree in Childhood & Adolescent Development and a Masters Degree in Childhood Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis.  Marie has over 25 years of experience working with children and is Certified in CPR and First Aid.

Eric Quinn

Eric is a volunteer assistant at Floral Park Childcare. Eric holds a BA in Criminal Justice, an MBA, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Finance.  Eric is a former professional soccer player and camp owner, investor, and CEO & Founder of SaveMySchoolwork.com.

Info, Facts, & Features

Stay in Touch

We use the Brightwheel App to keep in touch with parents and family members throughout the day.

School Readiness

Floral Park Childcare offers a play based educational experience.  Our program incorporates a developmentally appropriate curriculum that helps give children an edge as they prepare for their school years and beyond.

Social Interactions

Floral Park Childcare offers a relaxed social environment that encourages positive social interactions between children.  We emphasize sharing, good manners, and cooperation.


Marie specializes in studying the behavior of children. Our program strives to bring out the best in your child by using positive reinforcement methods.

Enjoy a Day Off

Moms and Dads, enjoy a day of peace, go shopping, run errands, or have lunch with friends.  Full day or half day (4 hour block) availability.  Must book 48 hours in advance.

Billing and Payments

Invoices are sent out weekly. Parents have the option to pay in person or by credit card via the Quickbooks invoice.      

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love potential new customers to check out our program and see what we can offer. Please feel free to schedule a visit during normal business hours.

Floral Park Childcare

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